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Grow Sales

Grow Sales

Free Cash

Free Cash

Reduce Workload

Reduce Workload

Do your customers always find the product in place when they come to buy it?

The easiest way to grow sales is to ensure you have the product in place when the customer comes to buy it. Companies tend to lose up to 15% of their earnings due to product shortages.

Having a hard time stabilizing your cash flow?

Overstocks impact cash flow, turnaround, and capital returns. Companies tend to freeze up to 30% of their working capital in unnecessary stock. Reinvested in business it could help to grow competitive advantage and earnings.

Working overtime and still get poor stock performance?

Inventory managers spend ~80% of their work time analyzing past data. With many parameters to check and thousands of SKU’s to handle, something always gets lost. Computers can take care of the past. Let people take care of the future.

Manage your inventory with Profittools

and grow your sales with lower stock

Cash friendly

Professional subscription-based application on the cloud.

No prepayment, no long-term obligations, an unlimited number of users, first-month money-back guarantee.

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Multiple behavioral modeling algorithms for highest stock performance

Powered by authentic Floating Buffers algorithm, TOC Dynamic Buffers, and Min-Max replenishment methods.

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Fully automatic calibration and tons of information in a single dashboard

Information defines the quality of your decisions. Get everything you need just one click away.

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Let’s measure

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker

An inventory diagnostic report can show your potential to increase sales and reduce inventory based on actual sales data. The report is based on potential stock simulations using behavioral modeling algorithms and outlines potential paths to the improvement of turnaround, lost sales, and working capital. It is useful even if you already have an inventory management solution, as it can show you possible areas for improvement.

Behind the screen

Inventory efficiency depends on the solution’s capability to adjust stock behavior to the sales pattern of each individual item. Therefore, behind the screen, Profittools runs a powerful behavioral modeling engine that analyzes different trading patterns and applies the most suitable algorithms to ensure optimal stock levels in constantly changing commercial environments.

Floating buffers

Authentic and highly effective Profittools Floating Buffers algorithm is based on behavioral modeling technique and offers multiple capabilities to automatically adjust stock behavior to individual sales patterns.

Floating buffers

Cycle Max

Replenishment level evaluation based on aggregated sales in a given replenishment cycle. Usually applied for slow-moving items.

Static Max

Automatic Max replenishment modeling ensures quick and precise adjustment of replenishment levels without any additional interactions.



Dynamic buffers

Dynamic buffers

A fully adjustable Dynamic Buffers algorithm based on E.M.Goldratts Theory of Constraints for individual sales patterns with limited sales history and restricted stock behavior.

Gradient Max

Automatic Max replenishment modeling is combined with the evaluation of moving sales averages, customizable intensity, periodicity, and other parameters. Useful for items with long delivery terms and rare ordering cycles.



Possibility to calculate order quantities to a specific date.


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Exceptional features

Besides built-in functionality, the solution works as a platform for customization. It offers unlimited space for scripting individual rules and methods as long as it can rely on stored data. These custom functions make it adaptable to an almost unlimited number of needs.


Simulate and compare stock performance using different algorithms and parameter sets based on transactional data of any chosen item.


The application automatically looks for the most suitable stock behavior for every individual item and readjusts itself appropriately to maintain the most effective inventory in changing trade conditions.

Order Management

Orders are prepared automatically based on the demand calculated. Order status tracking to evaluate vendor performance and supply quality.

Package Size Management

Automatic or manual rounding to selected packaging size or ordering multiplier.

Replacement Handling

Demand forecasting for product replacements, including transactional grouping in conjunction with historical sales patterns.

Peak Management

Automatic or manual handling of atypical sales occurrences to prevent unnecessary impact for demand evaluation.

Seasonal Trade Management

Evaluation and replenishment level adjustment to seasonal sales changes.

Order Size Monitoring

Indicators for minimal/maximal ordering quantities based on value, weight, or volume. Vendor budget monitoring.

Daily Statistics

All daily transactions of every single item are just one click away, including quantities, document numbers, vendors, clients, and more.

Versatile Indicators

Multiple statistical indicators, charts, and tables for quick and easy decision-making. Detailed performance reports in the Power Bi reporting platform.

Adjustable information

Sorting/filtering of any data. Adjustable data forms for individual convenience.

Export to Excel

Export of data to Excel is just one click away.

Friendly pricing

1st-month money back guarantee

Pay for actual use only

Unlimited # of users

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