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Modern technologies for efficient business management


The simplest way to increase your sales is just to ensure that the product would be in place and at the time when your customer comes to buy it.

Business is losing up to 15% of sales due to product shortages, not counting damaged customer loyalty and employee’s demotivation. Don’t send your customers to competitors.


Need more net working capital? Just look around in your warehouse. You’ll probably find some overstock that you do not need. That’s where your working capital is frozen.

Business is freezing up to 30% of working capital in unnecessary surplus stock that could be used for business development and growth. Don’t buy more than you need.


If the number of employees grows in proportion to the amount of technical work and there’s still no time to think about business perspectives, improve productivity

Inventory managers spend more than 80% of their work time for past data analysis. Leave it to computers.

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Professional cloud-based inventory management solution Profittools now available for business of any size.

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More sales with lower stocks

Quality inventory management solution in a trade organization solves three major tasks
Limits the possibility to inadvertently order and maintain excess stocks

eventually it helps to reduce surplus inventory and release frozen capital

Reduces the amount of product shortages

which leads to natural sales growth and customer satisfaction

Reduces workload

by automating most of analysis necessary for high quality inventory management

Profittools inventory management solution

Optimize inventory, free working capital and increase your sales

Multiple methods
Inventories are effective only when each product in each warehouse is managed effectively. However, products are being sold in different quantities, in different sales intervals or have different sales trends. Therefore it is very important to find such inventory management model that would be most suitable for the sales pattern of each individual item. Profittools allows you to plan inventories with up to three different inventory planning methods – the new, authentic and highly efficient Profittools Floating Buffers Algorithm, as well as the Dynamic Buffers Algorithm, based on the principles of E.M. Goldstad’s Theory of Constraints, and the Min-Max stock management method. The ability to choose the most suitable method for each product’s sales pattern may increase stock efficiency by more than 50% in individual cases.

Flexible management
Each method is expressed in the form of a mathematical algorithm that can be adapted to the movement of individual item. Did you know that by changing few parameters of the Dynamic Buffers algorithm, you can increase stock efficiency by as much as 50%? Profittools provides the ability to modify algorithm settings, verify stock performance and instantly measure results. Choosing the most suitable set of parameters for each product can increase the product’s turnaround several times.


Stock behavior modeling
Each software solution is productive for as much as the precious work time it allows to save. Inventory management solutions automate the process of data analysis, thus reducing the workload for inventory managers, but approval of recommendations is often left to the employee’s responsibility. That also takes time. Profittools simulation allows you to measure and immediately evaluate the effectiveness of the selected methodology based on historical data. Properly selected stock management model allows you to maximize automation of the process by avoiding excessive approval of the recommendations, thus saving even more valuable working time.

Automatic calibration
And how to analyze each item, when there are thousands of them? In this case, automatic calibration will help. It allows the system to select the most optimal set of parameters for each product and effectively adapt inventory in changing trading situations.

Comprehensive work-screen
Inventory managers need information. The availability of such information often determines the productivity of the employee, and the search for information in other sources often constitutes a significant part of the working time. Profittools offers an intuitively simple, comprehensive, and convenient working environment with all the necessary information in one place – no pop-ups, no extra tables, easily configurable selection of information. Comprehensive and versatile analytical platform and lots of graphic information are provided for a rapid assessment of the situation and decision-making.

Cloud technology
Profittools inventory management is a cloud based application, therefore available anywhere and anytime. No worries about servers or other hardware – data is stored in trusted, certified data banks. No risk of unexpected failures, maximum protection against data loss.

Attractive pricing
Profittools is a subscription based SAAS application. Pricing matches flexible customization, so you pay only as much as you actually use. In addition, there are no up-front costs, so you can use your budget for direct activity. There are no long-term obligations and the number of users is not limited. In order to check the effectiveness of the solution, the free demo with own data is available. And to evaluate the performance of the solution, a free trial period is proposed.